Wifi out of the laptop using Windows 7

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You only have a single-port Internet modem, but are there many devices that want to connect to the Internet? You own both laptop, smartphone, tablet ... but your Internet connection does not have Wifi to share widely? All issues will be resolved with Connectify.
To create a wireless wifi from a regular modem, you need to buy a device called Wireless Acess Point, which is quite expensive. Some of the newer smartphones now include Wifi Hotspot, which allows them to create wireless waves for nearby devices, but not everyone has the means to own these smartphones.
However, with the help of Connectify, you will not have to spend any money to broadcast Wifi for the whole family to use. However, the prerequisite is that you must own a laptop running on Windows 7 product key.
Connectify is a free tool that turns your Windows 7 laptop (and your internet connection) into a free wifi broadcast station, so that external devices such as smartphones and other laptops can be easily connected. Internet access via wifi created by Windows 7 ultimate product key laptops, without having to connect directly to the modem.
To use Connectify, follow the steps below.
Driver update for network card:
To use Connectify to achieve the highest efficiency, the first thing you need to do is update the driver of the network card that laptop is using.
To do this, you can get help from Device Doctor software, one of the best driver update software available today.
After installation, from the main interface, click Begin Scan button to automatically scan software and check for device drivers on the system.
After completing the scan and check, from the list of drivers to update, you select the driver type corresponding to the network card that the computer is using (is the driver with the network connection icon as shown below. below).
Click the Download Update button, the web browser window will automatically open. Here, click Download Driver Installer to download the driver update.
After the download, proceed to install the driver update as normal software.
Install Connectify and start setup to broadcast Wifi
During installation, the software will ask you to install DriverScanner software, when you encounter this step, select the No option (as shown below) and click Install to start the installation.
Once the installation process has been completed, the software icon will appear in the system tray, and a dialog box will appear allowing you to set up the software step by step. However, this dialog is not really necessary, click Cancel to skip this dialog.
Now, double-click the software icon in the system tray. From the interface that appears, you name the wireless network that you created at Wi-Fi Name, enter password to connect Wifi in Password.
At the Internet, select the type of Internet connection that your laptop is using. Typically, you will be using the Internet directly from the modem through a wired connection, and then broadcast Wifi to other devices. So, here you select Local Area Network.
Finally, click the Start Hotspot button.
Wait for Connectify to start broadcasting Wifi from your laptop. Once the Start Hotspot button is turned into a Stop Hotspot button, Connectify has finished uploading wifi from the laptop.
Now, external devices want to connect to the Wifi created by the laptop, just open the Wifi feature, detect the connection, enter the password and access the wifi network similar to the usual wifi.
On the main interface of Connectify will display the list of devices that are connected to the Wifi system you create, from here you can see if there are devices that are "hacking" your Wifi waves. To stop the Wifi broadcast from your laptop, simply press the Stop Hotspot button on the software interface.