Microsoft warns Windows 7 is dangerous to continue using

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Microsoft is looking for ways to get users to switch to the latest version of Windows 10 product key and one of those measures is to issue a warning about the use of Windows 7 can be dangerous to users.
In a post posted on Microsoft's official German branch blog, Microsoft has warned that if it continues to use Windows 7, this is a bad idea for users.
According to Markus Nitschke, director of Microsoft's Windows division in Germany, the old operating system "does not meet the requirements of modern technology as well as the high security requirements of technology." information". Windows 7 home premium product key is built on a security model nearly a decade ago, so it does not invest heavily in online threats, which are becoming more common at the time. At present, there are many potential can be exploited and attacked.
Currently, Windows 7 is still supported by Microsoft until January 13, 2020, but software giant warns users that the use of Windows 7 will face many dangers and should Switch to a newer version of Windows, instead of waiting for Windows 7 officially die "to consider switching to the new version.
"Windows 7 is built on an outdated security architecture. Three years before this release was released, users should consider migrating to a newer version of Windows. Companies and users who are still using Windows 7 with sensitive data over the next three years will face huge dangers, "Microsoft said in a blog post.
As well as warning of the dangers of using Windows 7, Microsoft did not forget to "advertise" its latest version of Windows 10 when it said Windows 10 is the safest operating system ever released, with Security features like biometric log support, sandboxing, built-in Windows Defender security software ... which, according to Microsoft, make Windows 10 capable of repelling the threat even if not updated patches.
Windows 7 is the operating system launched in 2009 to replace the "disaster" Windows Vista. The biggest advantage of Windows 7 is the stable operation, superior to previous "Windows Vista" predecessor and friendly interface, easier to use than the next version is Windows 8 product key.
Although Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system in the personal computer market. By the end of December 2016, Windows accounted for 53% of the Windows PC market share, according to market research firm Net Applications.
After Windows XP, Windows 7 was the most successful version of Windows, despite the fact that the "software giant" built a completely new Windows 8 can not replace this version. With the release of Windows 10 and many improvements and inherit many features of Windows 7, Microsoft is still actively urged users to "break up" the old version of Windows 7 to switch to the new version of Windows most of his.