Microsoft sued an IP address for illegally triggering more than 1,000 copies of Windows and Office

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Piracy, activation and use of pirated Windows is quite common, and Microsoft also has "eyes closed, eyes open". But recently, the company has suddenly sued an IP address because of the act of activating copyrighted Windows, pirated Office.
Specifically, in the complaint, Microsoft states that the IP address ( from the Comcast office in New Jersey, was identified by an individual or group of people who are nicknamed John Does 1-10. Used to unauthorized activation of no less than 1000 times the software copy.
Between December 2014 and July 2014, the defendant contacted the Microsoft office 2010 product key activation server in Washington for a total of 2800 times, then passed the details back to the server to activate the software. . This has led Microsoft to suspect that the IP address may be from a vendor who illegally installs software to sell the product.
Unauthorized software includes Windows 7 professional product key, 8, 10 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.
Microsoft can monitor all cases of illegal copyright activation in the world. But due to the large number of unauthorized copyright infringements in the world, it is impossible to prevent and correct all infringements.
Currently in the world especially China, two of the most pirated products are Windows product key and Office. In China, 9 out of 10 versions of Windows installed on the computer are pirated, this is the 2014 data.
Although not confirmed the defendant's identity sued, but Microsoft will certainly win the hand.