Microsoft renamed Windows Explorer in Windows 8

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In the latest version of Windows 8, Windows Explorer was renamed Microsoft File Explorer.
As previously announced, there will be a lot of surprises in the upcoming Windows 8 RTM release. Some of the changes that early users noticed were the removal of the Aero mirror interface, the removal of the traditional Start button, the recent renaming of Windows Explorer to File Explorer.
Renaming Windows Explorer is just a small change and is hard to spot if you do not notice. In previous versions of Windows, Microsoft office 2013 product key used the File Explorer name for the file manager application. Since Wi
Ndows 95, the company has introduced the Windows Explorer alternative to this application. The Start menu and the Start button also appear in Windows 95.
For Windows 10 product key, Microsoft has removed a number of features that are very familiar to users and redesigned the interface in a more modern style. Besides the positive feedback, there are also many users do not like the change too much in Windows 10 product key. However, to be able to evaluate all the good points of Windows 8, have to wait until the end of July when the RTM release.