Microsoft released the "special" patch against the most dangerous WannaCry history

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The WannaCry extortion code is being dispersed at a rapid pace globally, including Vietnam. In this situation, Microsoft has released a special patch for older versions of Windows that it has stopped supporting, including Windows XP product key, to protect users.
WannaCry is considered one of the most dangerous malicious historians in history, having a high rate of dengue infection. This malicious code has infected tens of thousands of computers in more than 100 countries around the globe, including Vietnam.
When infected, WannaCry will encrypt the data on the user's computer and require a $ 300 ransom to decrypt the data, otherwise the data will be erased. WannaCry exploits a vulnerability in Windows that was previously used by the National Security Agency (NSA) to attack Windows computers.
Although Microsoft later released patches of vulnerabilities that the NSA has exploited on the latest version of Windows 10, however, older versions of Windows have yet to be patched. Windows versions have been "killed" Microsoft, but the number of users is still very large as Windows XP or Windows 7 ...
Microsoft has made a move that it calls "extremely unusual" when it releases patches for older versions of Windows to patch vulnerabilities that WannaCry malicious code can exploit. . This will help users of older versions of Windows to be more secure. However, this patch will be available for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 8, meaning that users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 home premium product key will not receive this important patch.
Prior to that, Microsoft would only release serious bug fixes on older versions of Windows that stopped supporting Microsoft-paid businesses for their own support. Thus, the widespread adoption of patches for all of these Microsoft users is considered "extremely unusual."
"Recognizing businesses and individuals affected by network attacks as to what is being reported is really annoying. Due to the potential impact on customers and businesses, we decided to release patches for discontinued Windows versions, "said Philip Misner, Microsoft's chief security officer. the company.
Despite the rapid pace of infection and the increasing number of computers infected, experts say WannaCry's creator has not earned much money from this malicious code. Estimates that the perpetrator behind WannaCry is only about $ 20,000.
Security experts also claim that WannaCry is considered a "lesson" for Windows users, advising them to upgrade to the latest version of Windows product key and to regularly patch patches released from Microsoft to stop them. Dangerous types exploit vulnerabilities in older versions of Windows.