Microsoft no longer "salivate" with Windows 8

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The Windows Update 8.1 update does not mean that Microsoft wants to give up Windows 8.
With a new non-feature list in the Windows 8.1 Update 2 update, Microsoft makes clear that they are abandoning Windows 8 to where they are next, but focus on Windows 9 ahead.
Previously, Microsoft had planned for the Update 2 update to improve things for Windows 8.1, including the addition of a new Start menu, the interface they had demonstrated at the developer conference. Build 2014 in April.
But since then, much anticipated Windows 8.1 Update 2 is expected to be released next week, will not have this Start menu. The new features that Update 2 brings are not important, even you may not know they exist. In essence, Microsoft might call it a regular monthly update.
What will Microsoft office 2010 product key update in August, next week?
There will be some improvements in the way the touchpad works, there are fewer Sharepoint login alerts dialog and the APU to Miracast Receive (which is the wireless presentation tool) works. Over!
For those who are expecting a new Start button, may be waiting for Windows 9 with code named Threshold, which is expected to come out next spring.
Apparently, Microsoft is abandoning Windows 8. That's perfectly reasonable, simply because Windows 8 is far less developed than Windows Vista. Net applications show that Windows 8 actually lost market share in July. So there's no reason to upgrade to Windows 8.
Microsoft made this decision as accurate because there was no way to revive a diminishing Windows 8, and devote more resources to the upcoming Windows release. Some screenshots of Windows 9 leaking online show PC users may be overwhelmed by the new operating system, including the Start button, a Metro app that runs individually and can scale in size. Other attractive features. If you are still interested in Windows then you should wait for the new version, instead of the Update 2 update of Windows 8 product key.